The Co-founder, Stanley, who is inspired by his mother dedicates to Manpower Agency for over 30 years and helps people who are seeking overseas jobs in her lifetime. His mother was asked many times, “Why the language schools are all run by foreigners instead of local Cebu people?”, so she often says “We should build our own local language school if we have opportunities someday.” But fate is always playing tricks, his mother passed away due to heart attack in sudden several years ago. When his family was sad about the dramatically change, Stanley decided to take over the manpower agency. He learned how to run and manage the business in the past several years, now, the agency runs even better than before! In 2015, Stanley decided to accomplish his mother’s unfulfilled wish. He invited Malcolm Liang from Taiwan, who is like a brother to him even they are not really biologically related, to establish Winning English together in commemoration of his mother!